4 Features, 3 Shorts, 4 Music Video, 2 Promo Videos, 40 Product Reviews

4 Years

Sound Quality 

(Up to)


Bit Depth - 32bit float

Sample Rate - 192khz


Films and Videos Worked (Sound Mixer)
Meet Scott Murphy
Professional Sound Mixer


Electronics Certification


Filming & TV Certification


Internship at Dreamscape Cinema

Prices vary dramatically.

No need to big or small.


2019 - A Fargo Christmas Story (Feature)

2020 - CORN 2 (Feature)

2021 - CORN 3 (Feature)

2021 - Dropship Rich (Short)

2021 - Hunting For The Hag (Feature)

  • Sound Devices Mixpre 3ii

  • E-Image 9ft BoomPole 

  • 2x RodeLink Wireless Trans/Rec

  • 2x Deity W Lav Pro Lavs (Similar to B6's)

  • 1x Lectrsonics M175 Transmitter

  • 1x Lectrosonics DR175 Receiver


I can work with many budgets

TV / Video

2021 - Saints Row 5 Santo Illeso Trailer

2021 - U of I (UIAA) Concert Promo


Experienced in short films, music videos, promo videos and documentaries.

2 Awards for Director of "Northern Lights" music video.

-LA Cinefest

-New York Aphrodite Film Fest