Scottyg Dj & Cinematographer

Video Production & Booking For OMEE

Commercials are generally 5-60 seconds and do not take much time. We will only charge for the costs for time, there will not be any additional fees due to a minimal amount of time.

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Samples of our previous work

Neon Street Productions


Music Videos

Hire for Movie, Documentary or Cinematography

Click Here to see our 1st ever music video, Tongue N Gruve's "The Reason" (2018)

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Direct Hire

(Coming Soon)

We offer the same hi quality options such as color grading, editing, CGi and Effects. We are able to shoot in RAW (Full Range) or Pro Res (3/4) Range. 

Click Here to see our award winning music video "Northern Lights", official selection of Aphrodite Film Festival in NYC. (2019)

Please briefly explain your project and estimated time that you expect it to take.  What services you are in need of. Video Shooting, Editing etc.

Video Production

Click Here for a Documentary we did in 2015 (old). Our new Doc's would be even higher quality.

Screenshots of our work