Commercials are generally 5-60 seconds and do not take much time. We will only charge for the costs / time, there will not be any additional fees or minimum restrictions

$50 Booking Deposit

Neon Street Productions

Music Videos

Hire for Movie, Documentary or Cinematography

See our 1st ever music video, Tongue N Gruve's

"The Reason" (2018)

$50 Booking Deposit

We offer hi quality options such as color grading, pro editing, CGi / Green Screen and Special Effects. We are able to shoot in RAW (Full Range) or Pro Res (3/4) Range. 

See our award winning music video "Northern Lights", official selection of Aphrodite Film Festival in NYC & semi-finalist at the LA Cine-Fest (2019)

(Please briefly explain your project and estimated time that you expect it to take.  What services you are in need of.. Video Shooting, Editing, Sound etc.)

Video Production

A part of a Documentary (The Rock Theory) we did in 2015 (old). Our new Doc's would be higher quality.

Screenshots of our work

Our Capabilities

Commercial / Documentary