Neon Street Productions

Video Production

Common Types of Videos We Do

  • Short Film

  • Documentary

  • Music Video

  • Wedding

  • Promo/Ad

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Our Capabilities

We offer hi quality options such as color grading, pro editing, CGi / Green Screen and Special Effects. We shoot video in Pro Res HQ and audio up to 32bit float (range) recording. 

A Few Past Clients / Projects

-Badlands - Trace Adkins Promo

 -Gus Birch-Drum NF Cover Video

 -Omee - Northern Lights (Awards)

A Few Examples


Ready To Hire?

Or Just Have A Question? 

Please briefly explain your project and estimated time that you expect it to take.  What services you are in need of.. Video Shooting, Editing, Sound, Everything etc.


Prices will vary dramatically.

Tell us your budget and describe your project. Most of the time there is a way to make it work.

Screenshots of our videos